Friday, August 22, 2014

I Adored A Lord by Katharine Ashe

I Adored A Lord
Katharine Ashe does it again; her second book in The Prince Catchers sires was fantastic. If you love the game of Clue or any number of shows where you need to figure out ‘who done it’, this book is right up your ally! Katharine’s characters are trapped on an estate with a murderer, and two of them must discover who this person is, before someone else is next…
Ravenna Caulfield is a free spirit, to put it mildly. She loves being outdoors, never caring for a bonnet, cares for animals and people. Ravenna has decide to let her older sisters do the husband or ‘Prince’ hunting without her. She likes her life as it is and hates when things are forced to change. Unfortunately with her sisters resent marriage a lot will have to change for her, starting with Ravenna being tricked into going to a Prices Bridal Hunt!
Lord Vitor Courtenay is a wondering thrill seeker, never really having anyone to live for but his honor and family. He has survived unbearable torture in his life but nothing compares to his latest assignment… making sure is brother finds a bride.
Lord Vitor and Ravenna start with a bang and the excitement and attraction only gets worse. Together they team up to solve a murder and try to stay alive themselves. With a snowy backdrop, witty characters, and good looking Lords how can you go wrong?
I read this book and was sucked into the world of mystery and intrigue that is all Katharine Ashe. She sets the stage, gets you hooked on the people and you start to wonder who the killer really is? What is the story behind the people gathered and who will the prince choose for his wife. This is a great book and I can’t wait to see what Katharine Ashe will come up with for her next book!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dylan's Redemption by Jennifer Ryan

Dylan's Redemption
     Going with the theme of the Avon Addict books, I have just finished another great book by an author new to me. Jennifer Ryan writes with passion and touches on subjects not too light and fluffy in her new book. Get out your tissues ladies, cause there is some sad parts that melt your heart.
Jessie Thompson grew up in the small town of Fallbrook. She was invisible to everyone, except her brother, the love of her life Dylan McBride, and the father who uses her as a punching bag. When Dylan leaves without even a goodbye and her father tries to kill her she decides enough is enough. Jessie lets everyone think she is dead, changes her name and starts over. She turns her live around never going back until she is told her father is dead and brother is following in his drunken footsteps. Jessie goes back to lay rest to her past and help her brother get on his feet, but she never expects to run into the new sheriff- Dylan McBride.
Dylan never meant to leave Jessie like he did, she was the one women that meant everything to him. He wanted to get his life on track and figured there would be time to make it right. He never knew about the abuse or the possibility of never seeing her again. He grieved her loss and tried to move on, until he runs smack into her.
I loved the way Jennifer wrote the reunion between Jessie and Dylan, it was fire and tempers flaring. She really lets Jessie feel the emotions as anyone would, the confusion, anger, and resentment are all there. Poor Dylan never knew what hit him, he was shocked to see her alive, wanting to hold her, kiss her and rejoice. He never expected to be one of her reasons for disappearing. There is a long and hard road to redemption but Dylan is bound and determined to make it up to Jessie. He still loves her and vows to prove it. Read this great book from start to finish, it will make you cry, truly feel for the tragedies and pain, but rejoice in the good as well. I hope you like Book Three: The McBride series, I know I did and just bought the first two.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Cowboy and the Angel by T.J. Kline

The Cowboy and The Angel
The Cowboy and the Angel by T. J. Kline
Hot cowboys, rodeo, strong family values, and did I mention HOT cowboys. This book has it all; T.J. Kline has a talent with details that was incredible. She grew up in the rodeo life so was able to bring her knowledge to the story making it even more realistic. In this second book in her story of the Chandler family, we get to know more about Derek Chandler. I have not read T.J.’s First book Rodeo Queen but have full intentions of buying it.
Derek Chandler has made mistakes in his past he feels he has to overcome to prove to his family he can step up and be the man he was raised to be. He has taken more responsibility in the family rodeo business and works hard to stifle his more spirited side. That is until a nosy reporter hell bent on finding a story to ruin his family shows up.
Angela McCallister has lived her life to achieve one goal-to escape. She has to get a great story in order for her to achieve this however. He boss and longtime friend can only seem to get her stories that are light and fluffy; these won’t get her out of the town that is killing her and her father. She needs something more controversial, something that gets ratings. An anonymous tip leads her to the Findley Brothers, the ones in charge of stock for rodeos. She hopes to find the animals being mistreated and a villain for her story. What she finds is a loving family that shows her what she has been missing, and the women she was meant to be.
This may sound like a cut and dry girls and guy find love but trust me it’s not. There are obstacles and personal challenges that threaten to keep Derek and Angela apart at every turn. They take two steps forward and ten backward, their desire is hard to stifle but mistrust is harder to overcome. T.J. kept me reading, needing to know how the book ended. You will love her style and voice as you plunge into the world of rodeo. On Sale Now!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Whatever It Takes by Dixie Lee Brown

This is the fourth book in Dixie Lee Brown’s A Trust No One Novel and the first I have read from her. It was not a disappointment! As the fourth book in the series I was worried it would require reading the other three for me to understand what was happening. This is not the case, Whatever It Takes can be a stand-alone book but I will warn you, it will make you want to read more. Dixie gives her characters strength and makes you love them instantly. After one chapter there was no putting the book down.
Alexandra (Alex) Morgan has lived a life of terror, and has become an assassin with an elite team. She prefers to work alone and only trusts those who have proven their loyalty to her. When she encounters Detective Nate Sanders, a man like no other, who makes her heart pound and body heat up she has one thought- stay away. This proves to be harder than she thinks when her boss assigns her to go under cover as the wife to none other than the sexy Detective. She reminds herself the mission is to save a child that could be heading into the same life she had to endure. She made a promise to always protect those that couldn’t do it themselves and this was no exception.
Detective Nate Sanders is sexy, kind, understanding, and has it bad for Alex. She is strong-willed, beautiful, and has a past he can barely comprehend anyone surviving, yet he can’t stay away. The mission worries him because he needs her to at least pretend to trust him, something he hasn’t earned yet. Nate knows she is the one woman that could be his undoing, but he is determined to have her in his life.
Throughout this book it is amazing to see the growth and strength of both Alex and Nate. Dixie brought in the team work and comradery with a natural flare that makes you feel like a part of the book. There are twists and turns and unexpected events that put you on the edge of your seat. Trust me when I say this is a book you want to pre-order and in the meantime if you haven’t read the first three in the series, they are for sale now!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Full Exposure, Book One: Independence Falls

Sara Jane Stone is an Avon Romance writer I recently discovered during a live chat through Avon’s Facebook page. She is amazing, her talent for writing passionate scenes, heartwarming love, and describing the nature around you engages your mind fully. Sara has a great deal of knowledge and depth that she brings to her characters to make this book come alive and feel very real. There is romance, loyalty, strength and even a level of cute she intertwines in the pages. I was unable to put the book down even with the gift of at least ten new books I received recently. I had to finish it and know if they would come together or not. A great start to this series!
Georgia has survived the worst, she has watched people die, struggled to survive herself, and now vows to live to the fullest. After her time in Afghanistan Georgia comes back to her safe haven to truly live her life and feel every sensation. Her brother and his best friend are being helpful and supportive of her near death stunts but she has saved the best for last. Georgia has been drawn to her brother’s best friend Eric since she was young; she followed after the boys as often as she could. Always hoping Eric would see her as a women and not just a friend. As they grew up their friendship had grown too, now she lives with him as the nanny to his nephew. Georgia knows it now or never… she has to make her move!
Eric knows Georgia is still suffering nightmares, PTSD, and even more from her time in the Army. He promised her brother he would watch over and keep her safe. He gave her a job to keep her busy and help her to stay grounded. She is amazing with his nephew who has grown attached to her, but then again who wouldn’t? Georgia was gorgeous, smart, brave, and very determined to live her life on her terms. Eric has loved her and wanted her since junior high, but he also knows the difference between right and wrong. It was right to take in his nephew after his sister died, it was wrong to touch his best friends sister. Georgia had always been a strict ‘hands off’ policy for his; this didn’t stop his brain from conjuring fantasies of her though. All goes according to his planes; Eric is handling his baser instincts until Georgia drops her towel. He is only a man after all…
You will have to read this titillating book to find out if Eric and Georgia can put their fears and pasts aside to finally discover the one thing worth fighting for-Love!