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**************** EROTICA***************** Sinful Rewards 10 by Cynthia Sax

Everything that Bee once believed in has changed … because of him. With one heated glance, one meaningful touch, one soul-melting kiss, he has turned her world upside down and transformed her life forever.
She knows he'll do anything for her, including sacrificing all that he holds dear and never letting her go.
But what is she willing to do for him?
Will Bee embrace the unthinkable to keep her man safe and give up her dreams to spend one more night in his arms? Will their passion be enough to satisfy them?
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PG Rated Except 2
I fill a pitcher with ice water and start when Mack grabs my wrist. “We should leave,” he informs me, his forehead furrowed. “I don’t like the looks of those men.” He nods toward nine guys huddled around two tables, cameras and other recording equipment hanging around their necks.
I stiffen. They must be paparazzi, taking a break from stalking me.
My gut says to run, to save myself. I glance at the dozens of waiting customers and then at Yelena, my solitary sister in the service trenches. My sense of honor won’t allow this option. “I can’t abandon the other waitress.”
Mack’s eyes gleam with respect. “Then avoid those tables. This could go FUBAR quickly.”
“Avoiding those tables will look too suspicious.” I pull away from him. “They won’t recognize me. No one notices the busboy.”
“They notice when the busboy looks like you,” Mack mumbles. “I’m calling this in.” He presses his right index finger against his phone’s screen and raises the device to his ear.
So much for not distracting Hawke. My lips twist. I hurry from table to table, topping customers’ glasses up, quieting some loud complainers, and earning a thankful smile from Yelena.
I scurry around a tall skinny man with bloodshot eyes. He plays with his bill, his fingers trembling, his gaze flicking between Yelena, me, and the door. I recognize his look of desperation, having seen it in hitchhikers’ faces as they stop at the diner. He plans to dine and dash, running away without paying for his meal.
Yelena or I will be blamed, our wages docked. That can’t happen. I need every dollar.
Seeking to dissuade the fraudster, I move between him and the exit. Unfortunately, this places me closer to the paparazzi’s tables.
“Fill me up, baby doll.” A husky man with a thick beard holds out his empty glass. A camera with a huge lens is set on the table beside him. “I’m thirsty for everything you’ve got.” He waggles his untamed eyebrows.
Having already heard every cheesy line ever given to a female waitress, I fix a smile on my face and pour water into Romeo’s glass.
He leans closer to me, the scent of old perspiration surrounding him. “You smell delicious.” Romeo licks his lips. “What perfume are you wearing?”
“Eau de french fry.” I edge away from him and fill his friend’s glass.
“Hey, don’t run away.” Romeo grabs my hand and pulls me backward. “If you give me some love, I’ll make you famous.” He touches his camera.
Mack stands, looming large and menacing near the counter. I shake my head and twist away from the overzealous customer, not wishing Hawke’s friend to interfere.
“I don’t want to be famous.” As I say this, I realize it’s the truth. I desire to be seen, to be watched, but I don’t want my identity to be known. The thought of passersby on the street recognizing me, confronting me, knowing my perverted secrets, horrifies me.
“Everyone wants to be famous.” Romeo reaches for me again.
My Review:
               For the most part, I loved this book; there were parts that frustrated me though. Bee finally chose her man but her insecurities are getting hard to handle for me as a reader. The man she loves does love her and all that makes Bee, well her. This is something I really admire; it takes a strong man to be so sure of himself and his feelings that nothing will derail him from what he wants. Bee needs to see this and I know she will. She will eventually heal and learn to trust and this will strengthen the relationship. For now, I want to ring her neck, lol. For those biting your nails waiting for some BIG secrets to be told well here you go… Friendly is…. HA you need to read to find out ;-) 
                A new family member is also added in this addition that I found a surprise and well worth the wait. Cynthia’s characters really are growing and developing as this series continues. Bee’s mom has met someone and learning to trust again right along with her daughter. Though Bee seams more reserved still her mom is ready for the leap. I was glad to read this because I was hoping for good things to happen to such a strong amazing single mom (not that I am bias or anything ;-) ) Cynthia Sax has not disappointed bringing in the heart wrenching story and the steamy love seans a great blend and I will let you all know how # 11 is as soon as I get done reading it J 
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Wild With You by Sara Jane Stone

Dr. Katherine “Kat” Arnold left Oregon and never looked back at the town that failed her as a child. But when a new patient from Independence Falls joins her clinical trail, she returns determined forward to show everyone in her hometown how she has thrived—including her high school crush.
Brody Summers saves people. For years, he looked out for his younger siblings and ran the family business. Now, he works search and rescue. After a failed mission, Brody plans to take a night off. When a blonde city-girl knocks him off his feet, he refuses to walk away from desire. But it doesn’t take long for Brody to realize the past is returning to haunt him—and it goes back further than one wild night.
The last thing Kat wants is a reason to extend her stay in Independence Falls. But she can’t escape the memory of Brody’s wicked touch. As their passion heats up, Brody wonders if he’s falling for the one woman who doesn’t need rescuing.
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Wild With You By Sara Jane Stone- Excerpt 2
“I bet my mental image for tonight beats yours,” she said, her green eyes blazing with mischief.
“Oh yeah?” He closed the space between them in two long strides, just in case his siblings were close by. Not that he was hiding his relationship with Kat. He’d seen the smirk on Chad’s face when he slipped into the reception last night just moments after Kat returned. But his siblings didn’t need details, and Brody didn’t have a clue what would come out of her mouth next.
“I have two words for you.” Her voice hit a sultry note that drove him damn near crazy. “Whip cream.”
The best two words he’d heard all day.
“I was thinking pizza,” he said. “And while you might win points for creativity, my idea gets us both fed while you tell me about your day.”
“My day?” She raised an eyebrow. “I spent the last hour sitting at the table you made wondering if you’d ever thought about bending me over it and binding my ankles to the table legs.”
His imagination followed her words, summoning the image. His body hardened, sending one message to his brain: I want that.
“Once you had me there, I wonder where you’d put the whip cream.”
Heat, need, desire roared through him. He stepped closer, pressing her back against the door. “I swear there is something about you that is so goddamn irresistible.”
“My mouth?”
“That’s part of it.”
His hands found hers. Fingers interlaced, he drew her arms up, pinning them against the solid wood door. He didn’t give a damn who saw, he had to touch her, taste her. His lips brushed hers, stealing a kiss.
Brody Summers is a protector, family man, hard worker, and always does the right thing. Even the day he met Kat he was trying to save a little boy lost in the mountains. Dr. Katherine Arnold had a hard childhood that taught her to be self-reliant and in relationships of all kind to always look for a way out before someone else found it first.  These two are total opposites thrown together in a passion-filled one night stand that leads to a big surprise for Brody.
                I really loved Brody when we first meet him in Caught in the Act (book 2); he is so protective of Katie and his brothers. Wanting to make sure their dreams and goals come true. I was so excited to read about him in this book and find out this put together man on the outside has quite the wild side when he is with Kat. They bring out parts in themselves that have lain asleep for too long. Sara Jane Stone took a strong male personality and made him stronger yet vulnerable at the same time. Kat the good doctor who is assigned to “fix” Josh has no intention of falling for Brody or staying in the town that showed her no kindness as a child. She wants to have fun with Brody Summers and then go home to her life in NY, the harder she tries the more involved she becomes. The Summer’s family make her feel a part of them, as though she finally belongs somewhere. As she has done since childhood Kat runs and tries to stay away, distance will help her forget the wild nights in Brody’s bed… Or does it? Brody has his family to take care of, obligations he can’t just leave. He wants Kat, but is she worth giving everything else up for? Life choices are never easy, and Brody and Kat must make some really hard ones in this brilliantly written book.
                Besides the main two characters of this book we get to see all of the previous ones we fell in love with. So go to amazon right now and get your copy of WILD WITH YOU!!! Oh and tell me how you liked it ;-)
Author Bio
After several years on the other side of the publishing industry, Sara Jane Stone bid goodbye to her sales career to pursue her dream—writing romance novels. Sara Jane currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her very supportive real-life hero, two lively young children and a lazy Burmese cat. Visit her online at www.sarajanestone.com or find her on Facebook at Sara Jane Stone.
Book 1: Full Exposure
No touching allowed …
After serving her country, Georgia Trulane craves adventure—and sex. She's set her sights on her brother's best friend—now her boss, since she took a temporary job as his nephew's live-in nanny. Only problem? Eric refuses to touch her. That doesn't stop Georgia from seducing him. But an earth-shattering encounter leaves her fully exposed, body and soul.
Eric has a long list of reasons to steer clear of the woman he has wanted for as long as he can remember. For one, he refuses to be her next thrill ride. When he claims her, it will be for good. But the attraction is undeniable, and the more they fight it, the stronger it pulls. But will it be enough to conquer their obstacles?
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Book 2: Caught in the Act
Falling for his rivals' little sister could cost him everything …
For Liam Trulane, failure is not an option. He is determined to win a place in Katie Summers' life before she leaves Independence Falls for good. But first, he needs to make amends for the last time they got down and dirty.
Only problem?
His professional success hinges on striking a deal to buy Katie's family business. And after Liam's relationship with their Katie went south years ago, the Summers brothers are more enemy than friend. If both parties agree to set the past aside, they can reach an understanding. But when Katie welcomes him back into her bed, Liam risks everything to make her his.
After Liam betrayed her trust, Katie Summers will do anything to keep him from walking away with the family business. She decides to seduce him, knowing that when her brothers find out, they will back off from the deal. And she'll finally have her revenge. But when her plan spirals out of control, Katie learns that payback may come at too high a price …
Book 3:
He was nobody's hero until he landed in the wrong bed …
Armed with a golden retriever and a concealed weapons permit, Lena Clark is fighting for normal. She served her country, but the experience left her emotionally numb and estranged from her career-military family. Staying in Independence Falls seems like the first step to reclaiming her life until the town playboy stumbles into her bed …
Chad Summers is living his dream—helicopter logging by day and slipping between the sheets with Mrs. Right Now by night. Until his wild nights threaten his day job, leaving Chad with a choice: prove he can settle down or kiss his dream goodbye. But when he ends up in the wrong bed, the one woman in Independence Falls he can't touch offers a tempting proposition. Chad is ready and willing to give in to the primal desire to make Lena his at night—on one condition. By day, they pretend their relationship is real.
But their connection extends beyond the bedroom, threatening to turn their sham into reality if Chad can prove he's the hero Lena needs night and day … forever.
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