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Sunday, July 17, 2016

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Change of Heart by T.J. Kline

MY Review:

                Gage is back and with his own story, who else is excited about this! When we first meet Gage we find out he is a tech genius who helps his older brother find a way to heal from his PTSD. I don’t know about you but I fell for him right away, T.J. has definitely changed the “geek” image in this series. In Hearts Desire she gave us Nathan a finical analyst that made our mouths drop open when described. Now we have a sexy, buff, kind, did I mention sexy guy named Gage. He has his own company that has been making a ton of money until there is a flaw in one system. Needing to get away to find some perspective Gage heads to Heart Fire Ranch. He wants to spend time with his brother and new niece, spend time in the piece and quiet, away from the media. However, it is not all he planed when he meets Leah.

                Leah is the new therapist for Heart Fire Ranch and is very excited to stat the new chapter in her life. She hopes it is better than her past jobs and her past hurts. Leah has the kind of past that she would like to leave there. She believes if she doesn’t think about it and keeps looking forward it can’t hurt her anymore. This of course doesn’t work when she meets Gage on the side of the road when her car breaks down. Gage is taken with what he sees right away, loving the curves, the body, and makes a comment on… Her car. Leah thinks his comment is about her body and takes instant offence, setting the two at odds from the start.

                Gage can’t figure out what it is about Leah but something won’t let him leave her alone. He tries to befriend her and get flack from Jessie. The easiest thing for him would be to just stay away, it’s what Leah says she want and what Jessie his bossy sister in law wants. Unfortunately, he just can’t and soon discovers why. Leah is like no women he has ever met, she intrigues him. So he keeps helping, keeps being nice. Leah tries to fight the desire Gage brings out in her, she has never felt it before and has avoided men for the past ten years. Love was a myth, happily ever after was for kids, and Leah was never going to feel anything romantic with Gage. This was her mantra.

                So, you have two stubborn, head strong, determined characters who desire each other but refuse to give in. As you can tell this book ROCKS! I fell in love with Gage and Leah almost as much as Baily and Chase. I know you will too, so pre-order/buy your copy… NOW!
                                                  Other books in this series(in reading order):

About the Author:
T. J. Kline was raised competing in rodeos and Rodeo Queen competitions since the age of 14 and has thorough knowledge of the sport as well as the culture involved. She writes contemporary western romance for Avon Romance, including the Rodeo series and the Healing Harts series. She has published a nonfiction health book and two inspirational fiction titles under the name Tina Klinesmith. In her very limited spare time, T.J. can be found laughing hysterically with her husband, children, and their menagerie of pets in Northern California.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Second Shot: Serving Trouble by Sara Jane Stone


                Noah… Oh ya, we meet him in Lena and Chads story (Hero by Night) and I begged Sara to write more about him. I could tell he had a good story and I was right! Noah had a forbidden relationship before joining the Marines. To find out more about that story read Sara’s Running Wild (picture below), this review is about what happens five years later…

                Noah is home to help run his father’s bar that he is trying to rebrand and make more successful. Between the bar, helping at the gun range and taking care of his father Noah has been able to keep from thinking of his past mistakes. At least some of the time. He was thought of as the hometown hero, which didn’t change when he came home a “war hero”, it’s something he used to pride in himself, not anymore. He tries to come across as a sullen jerk that doesn’t care anymore, until none other than Josie Fairmore, the one women he has never forgotten shows up asking for help.

            Josie wanted nothing more than to leave the small town she grew up in. The town that called her wild and thought she would never amount to anything. It kills her inside to have to ask for help when she is forced to move home. Let alone ask Noah, the man that took her heart and smashed it. Noah had always told her that if she needed anything she could ask him, so swallowing her pride and the past hurt, she does ask.

            Noah refuses at first not wanting the distraction or temptation of having Jose with-in his grasp yet unable to take her for his own. Jose’s brother would come back from overseas and kick his sorry butt for one and the other reason was that Noah didn’t think he was good enough for her anymore. He was too broken, he was no ones hero. Jose being a strong-willed woman doesn’t let him turn her away. I think the mention of her working at the topless bar might have had something to do with it too ;-). Noah didn’t want anyone seeing her like that, well other than him that is. Within the story you get to see the pain both have endured. The past five years wasn’t easy for either of them, the education Jose received does make her a hero in the town though. What kind of hero, lol you will have to read to find out. Will these two be able to forgive and heal, or will they keep making the same mistakes. That is what I kept thinking, but then Sara throws in a twist, someone else comes for Noah’s help. Another woman, which causes more trouble than Noah and Jose think they can handle. Noah is getting threatened, bullets and flying and the people he has left are counting on him. Noah doesn’t know how he can save himself let alone anyone else. Get you copy today to find out what other surprises are thrown Noah’s way…   
                                            Don't Forget to get your copy of:
Author Info
After several years on the other side of the publishing industry, Sara Jane Stone bid goodbye to her sales career to pursue her dream-writing romance novels. Sara Jane currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her very supportive real-life hero, two lively young children and a lazy Burmese cat. Join Sara Jane’s newsletter to receive new release information, news about contests, giveaways, and more! To subscribe, visit www.sarajanestone.com and look for her newsletter entry form.
Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
Website:  http://www.sarajanestone.com/

Monday, February 15, 2016

Emergency Engagement by Samanthe Beck

He needs the kind of rescue only she can provide…
Glass artist Savannah Smith expected a marriage proposal for Thanksgiving—just not from her strong, silent, super-hot neighbor. But when misplaced mail and a wayward can of paint lands them in a compromising position right as her family arrives for dinner, they assume he’s “The One” she’s been talking about.
Then his family shows up.
Fate dealt a crippling blow to paramedic Beau Montgomery’s heart, and he isn’t about to put it at risk again. Except, with his mother crying tears of joy over his surprise engagement to the sexy little blonde next door, he can’t bring himself to ruin her “Christmas miracle.”
Somewhere between the paint can to the head and the chaotic family trip to the ER, Beau manages to talk Savannah into being his fake fiancée long enough to survive the holidays.
If, of course, they don’t fall in love first…
            Get ready for this new book from Samanthe Beck in your own way but here is how I did it. I loaded my copy on my kindle, snuggled under my covers and grabbed a box of tissues. That’s right this one has elements in it that pull at the heart strings. Samanthe combines two people that are very different and one doesn’t want anything to do with relationships. Beau has been hurt big time when he loses his wife and daughter in a car crash and has no desire to re-live that kind of pain. Savannah is a free spirit that has plans to see the world and make a name for herself in the art world. When a misunderstanding from both of their parents has them “engaged” Beau asks Savannah to keep up the act since she is leaving soon anyway. The “white lie” seams harmless enough until the wedding minded mommas get started planning. The dress, the venue and date all are planed and Savannah starts feeling guilty. Beau just wants his family to stop warring about him; the problem starts when against his will his heart becomes involved. Feeding the attraction between them is one thing but when Beau starts thinking about Savannah leaving and it bothers him? That’s a little too complicated for him and he wants out! Savannah needs a man that chooses to be with her and when she realizes Beau is still too stuck in the past she will risk more than her heart if she says goodbye. What happens will bring tears to your eyes and give the skeptics a run for their money.
            I loved how Samanthe made the situations real. The emotional stunting that takes place in Beau’s life is felt in the pages. You will want to reach through the story to give both Savanna and Beau a hug. Yet the heat between them makes the glass fog up and I swear my kindle started to smoke! The way this story is blended shows that not all love stories are full of fluff and passion. Real life can be messy and complicated but if you are willing to fight for each other than each day you are together means you have won the battle. Please get your copy today because if you don’t you will regret it, trust me!
Wine lover, sleep fanatic, and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy contemporary romance novels, Samanthe Beck lives in Malibu, California, with her long-suffering but extremely adorable husband and their elementary-aged turbo-son. Throw in a furry ninja named Kitty and Bebe the trash talking Chihuahua and you get the whole, chaotic picture.
 When not clinging to sanity by her fingernails or dreaming up fun, fan-your-cheeks sexy ways to get her characters to happily-ever-afters, she searches for the perfect cabernet to pair with Ambien. 

                                                   Keep Up With Samanthe: 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Don't Tap Out by A.K. Layton

Does love have a fighting chance when it's standing in the way of a dream?

Vivette Kerney has been working in her family's mixed martial arts gym her entire life, but with the passing of her parents she now owns the prestigious T&A MMA gym. Running the day-to-day operations while also trying to open her own non-profit gym is exhausting, but it's a labor of love. A personal life is the last thing on her mind, but the new fighter is proving difficult to ignore. He's very sexy, very charming, and a very unwelcomed distraction. One thing she vowed never to do is fall for a fighter, now if she can just remember that.

Colin Davenport is a former wrestler who traded the Olympic tryouts for a career in mixed martial arts. After having an impressive amateur career he's recruited to join the elite T&A MMA gym and train professionally. It was a choice he had been unsure of…until he saw Vi, the beautiful, spirited, brunette owner of the gym. Now Colin is having a hard time remembering he's at the gym to chase a dream, not a girl.

Going against all of the rules, including a strict gym rule that prohibits fraternization between the fighters and staff, they give into their growing chemistry. Can they both keep from tapping out when love and dreams collide?

Content Warning: contains graphic language, some violence, and explicit sex
My Review:
I know what some of you might be thinking… Who is A.K. Layton? Well trust me you wont be asking that for long. Don’t Tap Out is her first book and won’t be her last. I was given the chance to read this one and was thrilled to read from a new author. A.K. did not disappoint. Her characters are strong, they give you the feeling that you know them from the first few chapters. You become invested in their lives and not just the main ones either. We see that Vivette Kerney has a strong will and an even stronger sense of what should be accepted in her MMA gym. These standards are for the fighters, staff and even herself. NO INTERWORKING DATING!! She is frustrated that so many girls/women keep applying to work for her yet are only there to skew the fighters. Yes she can see the appeal, they are all fit, sexy, and flirtatious guys, but when all they want is a hook up and the girls want more… It just makes working together a mess. Vivette sticks to this idea to, she dates outside of work, in fact she refuses to ever get involved with a fighter. These rules for herself work out great until new fighter Colin Davenport walks into her gym.
            Colin has been given a great opportunity to further his future, and he’s not just thinking of the gorgeous women who runs the MMA gym. Colin wants to be great at what he loves and that is MMA. He teaches wresting and that is how he started, but after being recruited to join the elite, he can’t turn it down. Vivette is the women he has been told about all his life, “The One”. He was told when he found her he would just know, and sure enough one look and he was hooked. The problem is Colin isn’t sure how to get the vivacious, stubborn women to want more than his body. He wants all of her, so a booty call is out of the question… or is it? Don’t tap out will have you wanting to yell at the characters and even shaking your head at their antics. Laughter and passion are also promised. If you haven’t bought your copy yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Discover this great book and new author.   
A.K. Layton has always been one to play by her own set of rules. In her youth she enjoyed writing poetry as it gave her a creative outlet which had no restrictions. Now, after years of reading all types of romantic novels she decided that she wanted to write stories her way. She pushed ahead as only a natural born Taurus can, with sheer stubbornness and determination.

She resides in Oregon with her husband and two children. When she isn't over committing herself for school functions, play-dates, and volunteer activities she enjoys watching MMA fights, taking advantage of the beautiful Oregon Coast, and reading until the wee hours of the night.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

SPOTLIGHT: This Old House Series by Roxanne Snopek

                                             This Old House Series by Roxanne Snopek


          This series has been on my TBR list for a long time and it all started because of a book party I went to. Roxanne Snopek was a new author for me and posted a teaser for Cinderella’s Cowboy, I was hooked. The only problem was it was book four in the series! I am one of those people that has to start a series from book one. Well in that party I actually won book one and bought book four. All I needed was the book money to get the other two. My luck was with me though and a few weeks later I won book two at yet another party. You would have thought I would start it right then and there but alas I was contracted by my word for a ton of book reviews and blog tours. I knew once I started reading this series I wouldn’t be able to stop until I was done. So finally on October 14th I started reading Finding Home and finished book four at 3:30 am this morning (October 17th). I will brake them down for you now:

                                                Finding Home (Book One)

          This book had me hooked for the moment I found out Samara was a single mom. There are not a lot of single mom books out there and being one myself, I like reading them. Samara has lost her husband, has a child that learns different than others and is starting a new life in the only place she has ever felt like home. Finding a great deal on a house and wanting to get settled with her daughter sounded perfect. Life had been really hard on her and she was hoping this new start would make this better. Traveling to Montana by car was not easy but once there she was excited to see the house she had bought. It was a project house, a historic house being fixed up by students from the surrounding schools for graduation credits. Being a teacher Samar loved the idea. That is until she walks in and sees that her house is no were near ready to be moved in, the realtor is ducking her, and the person in charge is the one man she has never been able to forget.

          Logan Stafford can’t believe his ears or eyes when the one women he had been looking for years is standing in front of him. Let alone that he is working on her house. He views this as a second chance one that nothing is going to stop him from grabbing. He loves kids and animals so the fact that Samara has a daughter and a service dog are not a problem. He wants to prove to her she can trust him, that he won’t let her down as so many others have in her life. The problem is Samara is fighting what she feels, and fighting him.

          This book shows that is never too late to find your way back home. A lot of single moms think love is something we have to wait for our children to grow up before we have again. I don’t believe this at all, that’s why books like this make me so happy. I am not giving anything away, we read romance for the HEA and this is no exception. Be ready for love, laughter, and passion when these two come together!

                                      A Sweet Montana Christmas (Book Two)

          Book two was better than I expected and a new kind of romance for me. Malinda and Austin have been married for ten years and things ae not going well. Austin has been working for years to build a life for his wife and she has been working as a nurse as well. They have been working so hard for their perfect life they hardly ever see one another. Then disaster hits, Austin’s company goes bust and his only option is to live on the family honey farm in Montana. He just assumes Malinda will join him so is devastated when she heads for her mother’s house instead. She doesn’t feel her husband’s love and they had stopped communicating long before the business went belly up. Malinda’s mother convinces her to try one more time. Therefore, she packs up all her stuff and heads to join her husband not realizing that the family farm is in need of major repair.

          Austin loves his wife and its killing him to not have her but when she shows up on his doorstep he is just confused. She had asked for some time, she had wanted a separation, yet there she was. His heart was souring and he was glad she was there but he needed to know why and for how long? Everything in him wanted to prove to her he was a changed man, that he would try harder for her. What starts out as a temporary move starts to feel more like home. The husband and wife are closer then before but there is still so many obstacles to over come. One big one being that the house isn’t their but still belongs to Austin’s father. Another is that Malinda wants to go back to civilization. Austin will do what he has to, to keep Malinda, because in the end she is the only ‘home’ he needs.

          What a wonderful book showing that we don’t have to scrap a marriage as long as there is love and respect and two people willing to work for what is important. This is the kind of marriage most of us look for and one reason I loved this book. So often we get to see the two characters come together but are left wondering if they lasted. In this series we get to see this in book three and four. Roxanne gave me what I love in a series, to learn more about the people we take into our hearts.   


                                       The Cowboy Next Door (Book Three)

          In the second book we meet Leda a pregnant young women that is determined to do right by her baby. She is full of fire and spunk and grabs out hearts. In this book we get to know more about her and her past, find out how her child is growing too. She is living with Malinda and Austin and helping out with the farm. She loves it a feels at home, even begins to feel good about were her life is headed. That is until she goes next door and meets Eric Anders.

          Eric is older than Leda and feels he is wiser too. He tries to take control out of her hands. He thinks he knows what she needs and how to give it to her. You know the type, prideful, controlling, doesn’t listen, lol. This is Eric, or at least part of his character. Eric tries to ignore the longing and desire he feels for Leda because of their age difference as does Leda. Sometime though we have to look at the person not the age or their faults.

          The Cowboy Next Door shows that we all have flaws and we all have things we wish we could fix about ourselves. We have people in our lives that have told us lies about who they think we are. Leda was told she was ordinary and would never be anything important to anyone. So she believed it, she wanted more for her daughter though. Eric had a rough childhood and grew up wanting to ‘fix’ other people’s lives so they would live better. He meant well but went about it wrong with Leda. This book demonstrates that if we can learn to accept people for who they are and look for the good not the bad, Love can sine through a lot brighter.


                                Cinderella’s Cowboy (Book Four)

          The final book in the series was truly full of lessons, love, banter, and fixing stereotypes. Cynthia is a hard working woman that tries to do the right thing. She has started a new company that is her passion. Unfortunately, her stepsisters have come along for the ride. She loved them and they loved her, they got along for the most part. They did call her Cinderella but that was because she worked all the time and they played. As a teenager, she had a crush on Eric Anders, big time rodeo champion until he got hurt and had to quit. There was also an event she wished she could forget the cured her of her teenage crush. Now his brother, playboy cowboy was asking for her help.

          Chad Anders liked being footloose and fancy free when it came to women and they all knew it. He didn’t want to make the mistakes he saw growing up, people falling in love then being left behind. He wanted things easy and to live his live on his terms. Nothing and no one had ever made him doubt this until he meat Cynthia. She was intriguing to him, she didn’t faun all over him or seem the least bit interested. To her he was ‘Eric Anders brother’. After only a few moments with her he decides to change her mind. Then there were her stepsisters, Chad had been dreaming of them since high school. Who didn’t though, twin bombshells with reputations for liking to have fun. He figured he was due some and he could get some of his curiosity fed as well. Everything he is normally attracted to in a women is at his fingertips, but he can’t stop thinking about Cynthia. He wants to be with her, be near her, and talk only to her. He even wished the sisters would go away so he wouldn’t have to be pawed at by then, what is up with that? Cynthia turns his life upside down and she really has no clue she is doing anything.

 The two opposites are drawn together against their protests and neither want to admit they want each other. I like books like this because the banter between the two is perfectly matched. They fight, argue, and under it all they find love. Defiantly read all four of these books because they are fantastic. **This can be read as a standalone though**


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

BOOK BLAST: The Legend of Lyon Redmond by Julie Anne Long

Bound by centuries of bad blood, England’s two most powerful families maintain a veneer of civility...until the heir to the staggering Redmond fortune disappears, reviving rumors of an ancient curse: a Redmond and an Eversea are destined to fall disastrously in love once per generation.
An enduring legend
Rumor has it she broke Lyon Redmond’s heart. But while many a man has since wooed the dazzling Olivia Eversea, none has ever won her—which is why jaws drop when she suddenly accepts a viscount’s proposal. Now London waits with bated breath for the wedding of a decade…and wagers on the return of an heir.
An eternal love
 It was instant and irresistible, forbidden...and unforgettable. And Lyon—now a driven, dangerous, infinitely devastating man—decides it’s time for a reckoning. As the day of her wedding races toward them, Lyon and Olivia will decide whether their love is a curse destined to tear their families apart...or the stuff of which legends are made.
Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24392720-the-legend-of-lyon-redmond?ac=1

Goodreads Series Link: https://www.goodreads.com/series/45155-pennyroyal-green


I have been reading books by Julie Anne Long since she first published and I have loved them all. The Pennyroyal Green series however has captured my heart from the first book. Well more like the town of Pennyroyal Green, you see it is first mentioned in Julie’s book Beauty and the Spy. I was very excited when Julie created an entire world and characters that are not only relatable but pull at our hearts and make us laugh. This is the book I have been waiting for and dreading at the same time. I was dying to know what happened between Lyon and Olivia but I knew it would be a goodbye as well.
                Lyon Redmond has been a name whispered in the company of Olivia Eversea for so many years that she has come to expect it. When she decides to finally move on with her life and marry a man that loves her, she is surprised at the memories that assailed her mind. Memories of Lyon and how much she’d loved and admired him. Her regrets, her what ifs, they all need answers even if she refuses to admit it.  
                Lyon Redmond has been on a mission, that must come to an end when he hears those three frightful words: She’s getting married. With a plan set in motion and help in unlikely places Lyon sets out one last time. He needs to know if Olivia still loves him, his she can forgive him, and if there is still any chance for them to be together.
                This book was beautifully written giving the faithful readers everything we have wondered about for so long. Answers are revealed and there is even a new song that could rival Colin’s. You truly hope that Olivia and Lyon will end up together but when you factor in the man that she is supposed to marry… It truly is a mystery until she says I DO. I encourage you to read this entire series if you have not and if you have, get ready for a fantastic read! You will laugh out loud, your heart will ach, your brain will start thinking of other books and how Lyon might have played a part. Julie Anne tied up the story with a beautiful bow. The only question left is in the last chapter, will there be a spin off??
                I hope you all evjoy this book as much as I did, I give it 10 stars

He’d last seen Pennyroyal Green in the dead of night almost five years ago. His trajectory since then had been as swift and mindless as if he’d been shot from a cannon. And it wasn’t just because of what Olivia had said to him in the garden after midnight, in the pouring rain. Though after she’d said what she’d said, for a time he’d stopped caring what became of him.
No, that fuse had been lit for longer than anyone knew.
No one from Sussex had seen him since.
Though one had certainly tried. He half smiled at the thought of Violet.
And it was this that had broken the speed of his trajectory.
And he’d had his own methods for remaining, however tangentially, informed about the lives of those he’d left behind. He’d proved something over the past five years. He’d at first thought it was all for Olivia. But he was no longer certain. He’d tried to purge his life of her, relinquishing even her miniature.
Clearly it hadn’t worked.
But what no one knew, not even his crew, was that this was his final voyage. He’d risked this trip into London to track down the source of a little mystery that could devastate Olivia and her family.
He now had his answer.
He was, strangely, not surprised by it.
But he hadn’t been prepared to make a decision about what to do next so soon.
Oh, Liv, he thought.
Suddenly it hurt to breathe. Fragments of memories rushed at him, each distinct as stained glass.
Olivia walking along the road to the Duffys’ house, then breaking into a run when she saw him waiting beneath the elm tree, her face lighting like a star. As if even a second away from him was wasted.
That was the memory that always came to him in his darkest moments.
And now she was giving herself to another man.
His fingers curled on a surge of emotion. But he stopped just short of giving the message the crushing it deserved.
She. If Lavay had indeed written that word, he might have seen her, or even talked to her, or …
He couldn’t do it.
He couldn’t bloody do it.
And this is what decided him.
He tucked the message into his coat. “You can go, Ramsey,” he said. “Thank you.”
The footman spun and nearly bolted, silver braid glinting in the sun.
Lyon turned to face all the expectant faces of his crew.
“And we,” he told them, “are staying in England.”
It was time for a reckoning.

Buy Links:  Amazon | B & N | iTunes | Kobo

Author Info
Julie Anne Long originally set out to be a rock star when she grew up, and she has the guitars and the questionable wardrobe stuffed in the back of her closet t prove it. When playing to indifferent crowds at midnight in dank clubs lost its, ahem, charm, she realized she could incorporate all of the best things about being in a band—namely, drama, passion and men with unruly hair—into novels, while at the same time indulging her love of history and research. So she made the move from guitar to keyboard (the computer variety) and embarked on a considerably more civilized, if not much more peaceful, career as a novelist.
Julie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with a fat orange cat. (Little known fact: they issue you a cat the minute you become a romance novelist.)